Welcome to the Sweet and Fortified Wine Association (SFWA)

SFWA is a non-profit organization of vintners, growers, producers, distributors, retailers and consumers whose Mission is the education and creation of awareness within the wine drinking public. The association also provide a support system and promotion vehicle for the producers of American made sweet and fortified wines. Our vision is to provides a forum for industry participants and the public to share ideas and learn about sweet and fortified wines. The ultimate goal is to build the reputation of American sweet and fortified wines as truly world class.

Sweet and fortified wines are what has been generally referred to as “dessert” wines. Sweet wines include the broad range of wines with residual sugars of one percent or more including Muscats (Muscatel), Muscadine, Ice Wine, flavored wine (Vermouth) and “late harvest” wines. Fortified wines are made by adding a high alcohol spirits or brandy to stop fermentation and retain sweetness. These include Port, Sherry, Angelica and Madeira.

Sweet and Fortified
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