Sweet and Fortified Wine Association

Core Purpose: The purpose of The Sweet and Fortified Wine Association (SFWA) is to educate the American public with regard to sweet and fortified wine.

Core Values:
We place our highest value on our customers.
We are truthful about our business, our products, and our services.
We conduct our business with absolute integrity.
We advocate personal responsibility in the consumption of alcoholic beverages.
We embrace diversity in our membership and our industry.
We practice the principle of CANI - Constant and Never Ending Improvement.

Big Hairy Audacious Goal
 The principle goal of SFWA is to build the reputation of American sweet and fortified wines as truly world class wines.

Vision Statement
SFWA will provide a forum for industry participants and the public to share ideas and learn about sweet and fortified wines. SFWA will become the recognized authority on sweet and fortified wine in the United States.

The Sweet & Fortified Wine Association (SFWA) is established as a non-profit association of vintners, growers, producers, distributors and retailers whose Mission is education and creation of awareness within the wine drinking public and thereby to provide a support system and promotion vehicle for the producers of American made sweet and fortified wines.

About SFWA